Aug 31, 2012

We won a giveaway!!!!!! Cheers for that ^^

Kakak was the one who found out first that we won our first giveaway from Shasha ^^ I just arrived at home when Kakak delivered the news. I swear she was so happy that I thought we won a newly launched Mercedes Benz or something :D I was happy too, but it became more real when I hand signed the receipt of the package which contains our giveaway prizes yesterday.

And here it is... the package I received yesterday ;)

And here's a very sweet note Shasha sent us inside the package... She's genuinely a very nice girl. I can feel it! ;)

What's underneath the sweet message from Shasha, I bet you all are asking... all right, I'm being nice now showing you what we've got from Shasha ^^

St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub Facial Wash, Liole Carry Me Hand Cream, The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme-Moisture, Missha Time Revolution, Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion for Men, and Esprit Jeans Style EDT for Women in sample size.

That's kinda a lot, don't you think???

According to Kakak, we didn't suppose to win these stuffs, but we got lucky coz the real winner of the giveaway didn't claim her prize ^^ I feel kinda bad but happy at the same time :D

Shasha never mentions any clues on her blog about this giveaway. It's a special giveaway she made to appreciate her readers and came as a nice surprise when she posted the name of the winner of this giveaway. This girl is truly an angel :D

Well, thank you so much for the beautiful stuffs you sent us dear Shasha. We love them so much ^^ Keep on writing many more good posts in the future, coz we have already been a fan of yours even before you gave these all fantastic stuffs. Thank you so much once again ^^

And to all beauties out there... do visit Shasha's blog ;) She writes some good stuffs!


cic cie kak docci dan kakanya :D wkwkwkkw selamat yaaaw ^w^

omg my messy handwriting >_<
I hope you enjoy the goodies~ *hug* and don't forget to visit my blog again in the future :D

waaawwwww....congrats yaaa buat Docci N kakak...!!!

Marsha... hahahaha. thank youuuu ^^

Shasha... we will always visit your blog, and that cc cream post.. that's fab ;-) Thank you once again for the gifts. We enjoy it so much *hugs*

Frestea Agasshi... thank youuuuu ^^

Anyway Shasha... messy handwriting you said? that's a very nice handwriting, dear! Compared to tulisan DocCii yang kayak rumput tidak bergoyang (latihan nulis resep obat, katanya). Hahaha

hai dear! i also give you a versatile blogger award through my blog :)

hope you check it out and have a good day! :D

Oh my gawd... thank you very very very much ^^ It's a wonderful news :-) We too have been reading your blog for quite sometimes now but just had a chance to follow your blog today. Thanks again ^^ We love your blog ;-) Keep on writing good posts :-)

awwwww, so lucky heheee congrats :)

aaaahh sweet hehe ^^ congrats kak, doccii :D

Buseettt doccii menang terus...
Wanggg bagus skali nasib muuuu
Colek dikit donk kadonyaa

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