Aug 4, 2012

Our Second Award!!! Liebster Award ^^

Whooooaaaa ~ first award was awesome, now we've got our second ^^ We both here are beyond flattered, really. Thank you so much for Secha Sef for the Liebster Award. You're now our best friends!! Hahahaha.

Okay ~ how this award goes... let's have a look then.

The Rules
·                     Each person must post 11 things about themselves
·                     Answer the questions the tagger has set for you
·                     Create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer
·                     Choose 11 people and link them in your post
·                     Go to their page and tell them
·                     No tag backs

All right, we're gonna do it the way I did on our first award posting here. 2 times 11 things about our selves ^^ We have mentioned 2 times 7 facts about us, so now it's another 11 facts of each one of us that we haven't mentioned in our previous post.

  1. Next year is the year I'm gonna be graduated as a doctor.
  2. I went to a boarding school when I was in Junior High. 3 years long I stayed in an all-girls dorm.
  3. Just like my sister, I don't eat rice.
  4. My decision to be a doctor surprised my family much, as I told them in my first year of senior high that I'd get married right after my senior years in senior high.
  5. I don't like sharing bathroom with other people, even if those people are my family.
  6. I don't like it if I'm going out of country with my sister.
  7. I rent a place near my campus until a few months ago when I decided to be home. That's when I started my career as my mother's employees' personal doctor.
  8. I'd rather be starving and save my money for shopping.
  9. I wasn't into make up until last year.
  10. My fave place to shop so far are Bangkok and Paris
  11. I wish my passport would expire soon, so I can take a new picture for the new passport.

  1. She looks happy, but she suffers acute insomnia which needs serious medication.
  2. She's only 150 cm tall, which makes me a little taller than her (160 cm)
  3. She's a racing freak. In the past, she travels a lot to attend so many car racing events (Formula One, etc). That's because she was once dating a race driver. She's still flirting with one top notch race driver now, I think.
  4. She likes asian men more than caucasian since she travels to South Korea a lot.
  5. Everytime she's in Seoul, try to call her at 2 am and ask her where she's at. That loner would say: at the apartment park, just walking around.
  6. She talks to TV everytime she's watching it.
  7. She loves her Louboutin and she cried when she had to sell some of them a while ago. She said it hurts more than losing a boyfriend.
  8. Her room has never been tidy!
  9. She always get a lot of beautiful presents from his male friends. Especially the one in Seoul.
  10. She acts like my younger sister a lot of times, although she's actually 4 years older than me.
  11. She's the best sister I ever could ask for

And here are 11 questions we were asked by Secha Sef:

1. What's your star sign/zodiac?
DocCii: Aries
Kakak: Aquarius

2. Movie or Music?
DocCii: Music
Kakak: Movie

3. What's your biggest dream?
DocCii: to be an ObGyn and own a free of charge clinic 
Kakak: build an 8 storeys building 5 years from now

4. What do you do when someone you trust betrayed you?
DocCii: leave them
Kakak: walk away from them. It's their lost.

5. What do you do in sport?
DocCii: skipping. That's sport, right?
Kakak: I don't do sport. I'm watching it.

6. What kind of person you hate the most?
DocCii: a cheater is of course the worst
Kakak: someone who can't love their own family, and a liar.

7. What is your favourite song right now?
DocCii: all Bruno Mars and Glen Fredly's songs
Kakak: You're so Beautiful by Kim Jun Su

8. How many children do you want?
DocCii: 2
Kakak: 3

9. Who's your biggest inspiration?
DocCii: Papa and Mumsky
Kakak: Papa, Mumsky, and Tongki

10. If you knew today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it and why?
DocCii: Inviting all my friends and family at home. And praying. Those are I'm all about...
Kakak: Having fun with Papa, Mumsky, DocCii, Otong, and Tongki. And at the last minute, I'll call one particular person to tell him how much I love him. Leaving him regretting all the things he has done to me. Mwahahaha.

11. Do you believe in karma? Why?
DocCii: I do. Have seen it one person had her karma
Kakak: I do. I had my karma already, that is why :-p

All right, is now time for us to throw our 11 questions ^^

  1. What do you like the most about being your self?
  2. Do you enjoy your life in this world? Tell us why?
  3. If you can change a thing about your life, what would that be?
  4. Have you ever wished you were someone else? If yes, who was that person?
  5. What's your greatest fear in life?
  6. What makes you happy to the fullest in this life?
  7. What are the things you regret for having them done?
  8. Music concert or musical drama performance?
  9. What book you fancy the most? The one you can read over and over again...
  10. 100 bucks in your pocket... what would you do with that?
  11. Parents out of town... animal wild party at home or taking daddy's car somewhere you've never allowed to be?
And here are the 11 bloggers we nominate for this award ^^

Some are already nominated in our previous award ~ that's how we try to say that we love your blogs soooooooo much ^^

Happy nominating, Ladies ^^ Appreciate what's good, that's part of being beautiful!


huaaa ka doccii makasihhh ^^ segera dibuatt :P hihihih

baru liaaat, makasih udah di nominasiin :)


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