Aug 28, 2012

Beauty Blogger Giveaway: Lina's Beauty Diary 1000+ Followers Celebration ^^

Mother of heaven! There's one angel sent by God from up above... and she made a blog! Then when she has reached the numbers 1000 in her followers list, she's hosting a super grand giveaway!

Let me show you what I captured from her blog post about the giveaway:

If she's not an angel with those great prizes to be given away to her readers, I don't know what else to call her...

The greatest thing about this giveaway is it's not hard at all to enter this giveaway! Here's another capture from her post:

You can enter this giveaway even if you don't have a blog ^^ Oh my ~ I wish there'd be more person like her in this world :D

Anyway, I'm gonna share the things I post on her comment blog. She said to post a comment which mentioned the products I want to have from this giveaway. So, I've had my emergency meeting with Kakak to decide on stuffs we want to get. Here's our list:

  • Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle (63)
  • Nars Dolce Vitta
  • Chanel Ilusion D'Ombre in Emerveille (82)
  • Nail: Chanel La Vernis in Inattendu (583)

We're completely Chanel girls and we're so happy to death that there's a good person out there who gives a chance of getting those favourite stuffs of ours for free :D

If you also wanna join the giveaway, simply click on this link. The giveaway is open internationally (notice that I wrote this post in English). This giveaway will be closed in September 16th 2012.

So, enjoy the giveaway. Best of luck to all of us ^^

See ya in the next post ^^


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