Aug 22, 2012

Beauty Giveaway: Prada Croco Struzzo Bag held by

Fasting should be able to held my self from massive angers, but I couldn't help but to spill out all the nasty words I have in my mini vocabularies library inside my head. *NOTE: Ramadan is over but I'm doing Syawal fasting for 7 straight days due to my weight gain during Ramadan. Ha!*

If you really wanna know the cause... well I'm gonna tell you why. in Singapore is hosting a giveaway and the prize of the giveaway is a Prada bag which is worth around USD 9000!!! Not only the price which makes the prize is pretty much a grande stuff... but also the fact that there are only THREE of this kind of bag available in this world, and ONLY 1 in Asia!!!!! It's Prada Croco Struzzo!!!!

She's a beauty, don't you think? She'll be my best friend forever...
if only I could have it :-(
credit: here

Can you imagine there's a possibility that even Victoria Beckham doesn't own that bag? And once one of us wins that bag, a cool pose taken with that Croco bag in hand and tweet it to Mrs. Beckham with a say: "Look, Lady. I beat ya this time! Mwahahahaha"  

Owwwh my friggin Gawd... that gives me a chill already :-D

What makes me a bit pissed off about this giveaway is I'm not eligible to join this giveaway as one of the three key qualifiers is to be RESIDING IN SINGAPORE :-( That is why I couldn't stop cursing, even when I'm writing this post >_<

It said that the winner of this giveaway must be able to claim the prize on her own in Singapore. I think it wouldn't be a matter for me as I can fly to Singapore anytime if only I won the prize :-p However, the rules have been set and now I'm just curious which one of the lucky bitch beauty in Singapore who would walk away with that lovely bag *sobbing so hard*

Anyway, if you happen to be a lady residing in Singapore, just click here and sign up at for a chance to win that lovely bag. This event will be closed in August 31st 2012.

Good luck to you who's entering the giveaway. Whoever the winner might be, just please don't forget to tweet a photo of you with that bag to Mrs. Beckham ;-)

Ciao for now ^^


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