Public Relations / Marketing

Greetings to all PR or Marketing persons who represent brands, products, or companies ^^

It's such an honour and joy that you have arrived on this page to read this all :)

If you're interested in doing publications through us, we'll be more than happy to help under one condition: we got to fancy either the product or the company you represent. It is an important matter as we both are trying to give our best favours by not making such a bad propaganda on your campaigns.

Hint: We love almost all the products and companies ;)

Contact us through our email: and we'll get in touch to you to explain everything you need to know about our blog and discuss how we are going to put your publication in our blog. Although I think it wouldn't hurt you at all to read some of our posts to understand our writing styles in this blog.

Bye for now ^^

DocCii & Kakak

Ps. My sister (Kakak) is also an active PR & Marketing Practitioner. Her expertise is in product imaging and branding. She's also available for the service, incase you need a liaison in doing your campaigns ;)


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