Sep 7, 2012

Vogue Korea September 2012 Issue: Han Hyo Joo Photo Spread

Just wanna share it with you ladies since I think it's one brilliant fashion ^^ Hanbok must look like this in the future... no more lose hanbok which will make me a woman looks big and trapped inside the clothes. Hahahaha.

It's Han Hyo Joo anyway... she's an actress and I've seen some of her dramas. Good stuffs :-)

credit: Vogue and here
Miss Han is wearing Bottega Veneta and layered with traditional jeogori (outer part of hanbok). I like this so much ^^

credit: Vogue and here
And here's Miss Han with a Prada dress, and again covered with a jeogori on top. Lovely thing... if there's a hanbok like this, I will definitely buy it  ;-)

What do you think??

As requested by the lovely Miss Vivi Chandra... here's the rest of the photo spreads of the beautiful Miss Han Hyo Joo ^^

credit: Vogue and here

Miss Han with a lovely Fendi outer wear

credit: Vogue and here

Perfect combo of collections from Celine, Marni, and Gucci. The bow represents the original form of traditional hanbok.

credit: Vogue and here
Hanbok with another Bottega Veneta piece ^^

credit: Vogue and here

And here's another Fendi outfit...

credit: Vogue and here

Here's Miss Han wears the collection of one of my fave designers who happens to be Miss Yoon Eun Hye's fave's designers too... Kuho ^^ It's Hexa by Kuho shirt she wears here.

So, Vivi... you can see some of pictures of Miss Han here show her resemblance to Miss Song, yes? Hehehehe. 


Anggunnya mungkin sama ya, dengan wanita Indonesia yang pake kebaya. Cantik. :)

It's so gothic and cool xD

Andhika Lady Maharsi ~ great idea! Pakai dress Valentino di layered pakai kebaya keren banget mungkin ya ^^

Adel ~ it is! Kena banget theme Fall/Winter nya ^^

oh myy... so gorgeous! yeap, i can see her resembles Song Ji Hyo in each of her photos. thanks for uploading them. heheh.. ;) it's always nice visiting the blog you both make.

Hehehehe... it should be me who thanks you for visiting our blog ^^ Thanks for reading and for being our friends ;-)

gw demen yang another Bottega Veneta cakep bener :)

salam kenal ya ^^

Salam kenal juga ^^ Thanks for visiting our blog ;-)

Iyaa... collections Bottega Veneta di photo spread ini cakep-cakep. Runway collections semua. Hehehe.

Miss Han cantik yah.. Hohoho... =)
Ahhh... Bajunya yahhh... bagus bener >.<

Cakep sekali sih gak, Sab... cuma stylist nya pinter ^^ hihihihi

wihh... cakep benar! eksperis wajahnya kayak sedih trus ada model retro gitu yaa.. keren banget!

have a bless weekend :)

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