Sep 26, 2012

Beauty Blogger Giveaway: IamBabyPanda Giveaway

I've seen so many massive international giveaways, but none has offered this kind of giveaway. It's the beautiful Ina who hosts a giveaway with Pink iPod Shuffle 4th Generation as one of the prizes!

Damn ~ gotta enter this giveaway, that's what I thought when looking at what Ina has got to offer :D

I started reading Ina's blog couple of months a go, I forgot on which post but I think it's about how to decide when we actually need or want one particular cosmetic at the shopping malls. It happens one of the trick Ina uses is similar to mine. From there I know I'm gonna love the posts she's gonna write in the future.

Later I found out that Ina is also a very kind girl coz she hosts two giveaways each month! One is the regular giveaway when we have to fill out the rafflecopter form, the other one is kind of most loyal reader competition where Ina let her bestfriend to choose one of her follower to be given a prize based on the intensity of the follower in making comments.

For this month, the title of Ina's giveaway is Thanksgiving Giveaway. It opens internationally and anyone can enter this giveaway!

Let's have a look on the prizes in this giveaway:

♥ All the twenty four (24) shades of the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick 
♥ Etude House Sun Prise Fresh Sun Powder SPF 50/ PA +++
♥ Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
♥ Etude House OMG Dry Shampoo
♥ Pink Ipod Shuffle 4th Generation

So, ladies... you now better click this link and make sure you fill out the rafflecopter form well! The giveaway ends in 6 days so you'll still have to do this and that to make sure you're eligible for the giveaway ^^ I've put a link on my sidebar too a short link to Ina's site ^^

Catch up later beauties ^^


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