Sep 3, 2012

Beauty Blogger Giveaway: Monica's Homecoming Giveaway

I love this lady's tagline on her blog: Happy Girls Are The Prettiest! Isn't that so true?

Anyway, Monica Simbolon is a MUA who's been in India for the last 2 months. In the next few days, she'll be coming home to Indonesia :) Hooraaaay! Welcome home, girl ;)

To celebrate her homecoming, she's hosting a giveaway. The prizes are some beauty stuffs she bought during her stay in India and Singapore.

Let's have a look what this lovely MUA has provided for her one lucky reader.

Pretty cool, huh? And we only have to fill out a super simple rafflecopter form in order to challenge our lucks in this giveaway :)

For more pictures and more information, go directly to her blog post here. Don't forget to greet her a warm welcome home ;) Nothing feels better than returning to the place we call home... (I quoted that from Kakak ^^).

Peace and out


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