Sep 2, 2012

Beauty Blog Review: The Clarins Women

Hej, Beauties ^^ How's your days goin this week? Great, I hope ;-)

By the way, me and my younger sister started this blog nearly 2 months ago to embrace another side of us. I'm a marketer and she's a doctor to be... but our passions are more than just selling stuffs / people and curing ill persons. We do love too make up, fashions, and many other girly things which sometimes don't relate to our daily works ^^

This blog is more like a sanctuary for us, living in the world where we both can live in our second personalities. I can't talk to my clients about the latest lipstick shades from Chanel make up line, and my sister can't discuss what's new at McQueen's boutique with her patients. This blog keeps us both sane, literally :-D 

Not only venting out our own passions in beauty areas, we found out too that there are soooooo many great beauties who create some really good deals of writing about fashion and make up. Me and my sister sometimes sit side by side in our home patio and do blogwalking, admiring so many good writings from all of the beauty passionate around the world. We chose not to be greedy and decided to share what we found from our blogwalking experiences here in our blog.

So, as the starter... I would like to review this one cool blog I found yesterday. It's a very special blogs since it's made up by 4 special women. Why are they special? Because they're the granddaughters of the founder one of the most known skin care and cosmetic products in the world, Clarins. It's true, Ladies... those women are Monsieur Jacques Courtin-Clarins's 4 beautiful granddaughters.

credit: here

Say hello to Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Jenna Courtin-Clarins, Prisca Courtin-Clarins, and Claire Courtin Clarins ^^ They all look fabulous, don't you think?

At the very front page of their blog. Go to to watch the cool introductory video from those 4 beautiful women ^^

What to expect from this blog? A lot! The Clarins girls are well known for their fine tastes in fashion. Please look forward to their vlog which will show us some great make ups and fashion style. We can also follow their fashion update through Pinterest, which in one of the pages in the blog says: "much Vuitton" as the hint ;-) 

Anyway, as for Vlogs... there are 3 videos on beauty tips straight coming from those gorgeous women which will be published on September 6th! Many more will be added on, I believe, since the blog is pretty new.

You can also subscribe your self for the Clarins update, just click the 'Join' button on the blog and leave your details (name and email address) to be added to the mailing list.

What's special about this blog? Gosh... I love their wardrobes! Hahaha. I also can't wait to see the video on how the heiress of one world-known cosmetic company take good care of their skin. It's like we're watching our bestfriends telling us their beauty regimes in their bed room. I don't think I will ever get a chance to be one of their BFFs yet this blog is enough to make me feel like one :-D

Is the blog 'reader-friendly'? Indeed! All the necessary buttons are there and very visible... we can browse through from one page to another without any hassles.

Who might be interested to surf on that blog? Someone who loves fashion, for sure. But most of all, someone who has enough interest on Clarins beauty products and how those great looking ladies work on their efforts in order to innovate on the beauty products.

Me, being a marketing/PR person, I see this blog is more like a PR effort to influence someone like me! Hahaha. The approach is personal and it touches the emotional instead of logical part :-p My partner and I used to describe this thing as "Marketing in Venus". It really works well. Great MarComm team who establish this kind of campaign. 

As for me personally... Oh my ~ I bookmark this blog! I follow them on Pinterest! I signed up for their updates! And *cough* if I have to tell you who's my fave of those 4 ladies... I would say Prisca Courtin-Clarins is my ultimate fave! She represents a classic beauty. It seems like she earns her beauty with no efforts :-D

Go visit the blog for some new experiences, beauties. I think it's gonna worth the visit ^^ Make sure you didn't scream out loud "Mummy ~ why didn't your father is a cosmetic company founder??"to your mother after visiting the blog. The way I did yesterday :-D

See you in another post, beauties ^^


Boleh banget, Miss Katie ;-) seru liat skin routine pewaris Clarins :-)

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