Sep 8, 2012

Product Review: St. Ives Natually Clear Apricot Scrub

Hi Beauties ^^ I was told by my friend that some friends of her also put some interests in this blog. That is nice, true? Until she told me "Don't be too happy, Houston. We've got a problem... those friends of mine can't understand what you're trying to say as you wrote all the product reviews in Indonesian"

And here's my first review post using English. I won't write in English all the times. In fact, it gives me an idea... I speak English, Deutsch, Swiss-German, Swedish, Korean, and of course Bahasa Indonesia. DocCii speaks Arabic, English, Swedish, as well as Bahasa Indonesia. What would you say if we're writing in those languages sometimes? ;-) Yay for going more global. Hahaha.

All right, let's cut the crap because now I would love to review my new favourite thing. It's St.Ives Apricot Scrub.

Neither of me or my sister bought this product. We got it for free from Shasha, our super kind friend. Thank you again, Shasha ^^ It's one of the giveaway's prizes she was hosting last month.

Ever since I had this product, I know that this lil thing will be my new bestfriend in life ^^ Claimed to have blemish and blackhead control formula, and it happens to be true. Never found any products that work on my blackhead (as well as whitehead, anyway) really well like this St.Ives Apricot Scrub does. I've been using this product almost 10 days now and the progress on my face is something which I call 'visible' :-)

The appearance of St.Ives Apricot Scrub in 28gr tube packaging. This size is pretty comfy and I can bring it in my little toiletries pouch while travelling. I think it's gonna be okay too if I bring it with me to the plane cabin on my long haul flight.

It's written that the formula was made for acne treatment. I haven't got many breakouts and almost no pimples these days... yet this product still work wonderfully on me. Great oil control and really smoothen up my skin.

Anyway, I read at some other beauty bloggers' pages that this scrub damage their skin as the scrub was too sharp. Some people say that it even causes them breakouts at some places where they usually have some clean and smooth area of skin face. I haven't experienced breakouts so far, not even purging from moving to this scrub from my traditional baking soda home-made scrub :-D As for the sharp granules on the scrub, I found it okay because I'm not using this product daily. I scrub my face once in three days, as many beauty experts have suggested ;-)

By the way, it has no paraben in its ingredients. Another plus point of this product ^^

The screw cap is a thing which I dislike from the packaging. I wish it could be something like flip tops because sometimes I really lost my patience trying to open one product with screw cap :-D

The granules are really visible here, yeah? They are a bit rough... but as long as you don't apply this daily, I think it's okay with that kind of 'rough' scrubs. It cleans the face well and I've got a result of very smooth skin afterwards ^^

As for the pros and cons... let's have a look ^^


  • It smells really good. Have I mentioned it on my writing above? I love the smell just very very very much ;-)
  • The tube of 28gr is a handy packaging I can bring anywhere with me
  • It gives smooth skin effect after using it
  • It works well handling blackhead as well as whitehead, and the result is pretty much visible after 3 times of using
  • No paraben!
  • Good oil control
  • Works well even in the face with no pimples
  • Amazingly cheap (according to some friends in Europe)

  • Where to buy it in Indonesia? No clue!!
  • The screw cap... wish it was a flip top instead

Repurchase? No, but I will get my friend in Switzerland who's using the same product to get some for me. He always gives me stuffs for free, so it literally not a repurchase right? I don't purchase it, I'm asking for it :-D

When it comes to scrub, it really goes for personal preference. If you think you need it, then you can buy it. But since there're many cons users out there, I suggest you to give it a try first before purchasing the product (incase you're one of the users who can't get along with this scrub). How? Meet a friend who owns the product, try at least once or twice to experience the effect of the product on your skin. Cheap and easy ;-)

That's all for now, Beauties ^^ Meet ya later...


waw bisa banget menguasai lebih dari 3 bahasa. . pengen belajar jadinya

wow kyknya bagus jg yah hehe ^^
nice review :D

glad that the product suits you well :) It is one of my favourite product!
btw, both of you can speak so many language, for real?? *envy you~*

Dulu awal2 tahun 2000an) St.Ives Apricot Scrub masih dijual banyak di drugstores... Waktu pas SMP-SMA aku pake ini, hi recommended bgt buat face scrub. Kemasannya dulu beda, lebih classic... trus ga cuma apricot scrub aja, ada banyak variannya... Sekarang emang udah ga ada... rada males klo harus beli online... Tks review-nya... ^^

I have heard many good reviews about this product. I need to try out :D thank you for the review.
Oh and I'm amazed that you both can speak many languages :O teach me!! hahaha

Nietta... kami bisa banyak bahasa karena terpaksa. Hahahaha

Shasha ~ thanx to you jadi kenal sama produk ini. Hehehe.

Mizha ~ update!! Ternyata kemarin nemu St. Ives di Ranch Market. Harganya cuma 107.000 tube plg besar. Hehe. Thx for reading....

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