Sep 13, 2012

Super Random! Anyone Wants It??

Hi beauties ^^ Please beware that this post is probably gonna be the most random post I ever write here :D

So our parents are both running their own companies. Mumsky is doing her work in manufacturing under garments for kids, while Papa is doing some business in water plant thingy. Here now I'm gonna talk about Mumsky's works.

Half of the purpose in doing this post is to make a market research as well as a tiny marketing effort as Kakak is now trying to make Mumsky's brand more visible in the market.

Mumsky has been doing her work for almost 16 years now and we have already reached international market by exporting the products to some various countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and many more. She's doing a great job... providing so many little boys in those countries some fancy and stylish underpants :D

The local market has been great as well. Although lately there are so many copies of Mumsky's works. But copying is another term of flattery, right?? It means she's doing good ^^

So here's the sample of products that Mumsky manufacture at her work

Do you recognise the brand? It's the brand we independently market throughout the nation. Although so, Mumsky did some CMT too where she manufactures this kind of product for various of brands. That means, Mumsky is the one who made the product yet it's not in Mumsky's own brand, but for some famous brands I can't mention here. Hehehe. 

The brand of the product is "JODI", which is our brother's name. Yeap, Otong's real name is Jodi ^^ Sounds to feminine for a boy's name? Blame Papa! Hahaha.

Those aren't the only patterns Mumsky has got at the factory. About 30 to 40 more patterns are made everyday.

And now, who wants some samples of my mother's product? Those who read this post and own a baby boy, or a nephew, or a baby brother... whoever. Send me an email together with your full name and address, also the size of underpants that you want. It's completely free ^^

The underpants come in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. If you're not sure which size you want, just let me know the weight of your son/nephew/baby brothers.

One more thing, those underpants are made from cotton combed 30s which is very comfortable for kids ^^

Kakak is surely gonna do this thing much better than me since I'm a doctor, and she's the marketer. But she insists that I should be the one who make this. So, please... let the feedback be good :D

Owkeeeh... let's end this now then. We'll post something more sensible later on ;)


hello doccii and sistaa
my email has been sent to youu dear XD
thank youuu

hey I want this for my son! too bad I don't live in Jkt. :(

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