Oct 19, 2012

Product Preview: MAC Making Pretty Collection

First saw these products on a London beauty blogger and I literally couldn't breath when seeing them ^^ Simply because they're looking sooooo beautiful and... expensive!

MAC Making Pretty Collection, which will be launched during holiday season in 2012. For those who are in North America, lucky you... You'll be able to get these products by October 25th.

credit: here

How can you say no to those gorgeous babies??

Modern makeup darlings are dressed up in richly textured faux shagreen in a pale dusty pink, detailed with a rose-gold signature bow - beautezine.com

They're designed to be luxurious and giving us another level of makeup experience. I want them so bad, let's see if my sister's willing to donate some amounts of money so I can buy all of them when they're available internationally in November 2012 ^^

For a closer look, let's check out the details of this collection.


Spend USD 28 to get one of those lustrous lipsticks from Making Pretty Collection. Available in 3N (Milky Pastel Pink - Lustre) and Runaway Red (Rich Red Blue - Satin)

It's called Making Pretty Sheer Mystery Powder, and it costs USD 65 for each shade. Available in Light Medium (Pale Ivory), Medium Plus (Tan Beige), and Dark Secret (Deep Caramel).

This Making Pretty Iridescent Powder / Loose would cost you USD 65. Available only in one shade, Pinky beige with silver shimmer. Sound tempting? I fell in love with the packaging the very second I saw this ^^

The brush set which contains of MAC 282 All Over Eye Shader and MAC 136 Face Powder Brush. The price tag? USD 100. The design of the brush pouch is very classy and expensive looking. I love the fact that it might give me a feel as if I'm saving my brushes in a high end designers' wallet if I own this brush set ^^

All photos are courtesy of http://www.beautezine.com

What do you think? Can't wait for those to be launched, just like me? ;)

Until then, ladies ^^


whoooaaa, keren banget packagingnya :) pasti bikin kantong ga bisa napas harganya wwkwkkk

haha... bangeeeeet!!! :D bisa langsung masuk UGD kantong dengan keluhan sesak nafas :D

hehehe... iya... cantik dan super mewah ^^

LOL Ah yes! The Mac! You should check temptalia because she gor the whole holiday collection that MAC is going to released in october, november and december. To get them all you must be prepare to spend abt at least $1000.00. Great marketing MAC. I am will be purchasing the 2 lipstick when this specific collection come out and hoping it won't sold out. Hah!

Oh my... $1000? I'd rather go for a vacay with that money :-D

unyu banget >=< tapi harganya bookk wkwkwkwk

Iya... harganya kurang santai. Hahahaa

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