Oct 15, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Blue Winter

It's just a couple of weeks before I'm returning back to Seoul and heard it's getting chiller these days. That excites me, really ^^ I love cold weather, and I was praying for a winter in Indonesia back in my childhood. Hahaha.

One thing I got so excited about winter is that'd be the only times I can wear so many stylish coats on the street :-D My winter outfit collections are a lot more than my any other season's outfits.

Expecting that snow will come down a few days after (or even before) my arrival in Seoul, so yesterday, I came up with a look that maybe would work for me during my winter days later there ^^

Watched some Milan and Paris Fashion Week shows last month (Hallelujah to streaming channels!) and it seems like neon colours in blue; yellow; shocking pink; etc; would pretty much be the 'it' colours of SS2013. Although so, been spotting so many cute winter outfit in neon colours this 2012. Never been wrong to do a 'jump start' in fashion ;-) I'm in love with this blue Stella McCartney coat. Wondering if I can get that sweet thing in Seoul...

So, let's see the details of my chosen outfits this time :-)

  • Coat is Stella McCartney Blue Wool-Twill Coat
  • T-Shirt is JCrew Burn Out Jersey T-Shirt (I'll be damned wearing this t-shirt alone underneath my coat on winter days, but I looooove tha print ^^)
  • Pants is JBrand Denim Stretch Cotton Mid-Rise Cropped Pants (it makes my thigh looks smaller ^^)
  • Scarf is Kelly Wearstler Ikat Print Silk and Wool Blended Scarf (YES! This scarf is very much inspired by one of Indonesian traditional cloth pattern *proud*)
  • Gloves are Karl Abery Studded Leather Gloves
  • Bag is Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Large Leather Tote (Saw Miss Jessica of SNSD carried this bag and I had a lil peek inside for a bit. The bag is officially on my wish list ever since! Jess' bag's colour a bit darker though)
  •  Shoes are Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Patent and Leather Ankle Boots (got trouble with the size of calves this lady here, a big fan of boots but never go further than ankle boots ^^)
  • Eyeshadows is Maybelline New York Eye Studio Colour Explosion Shadow in Blue Blowout

What do you think??  Would this kind of style fit you too? Share your thoughts with me ^^


Love it :)
and the coat is stunning!
but i don't recommend the eyeshadow, i have it. the fall outs n the shimmers are terrible and transferable :/

Oh iya kah?? Waduuuh... batal beli deh kalau gitu. hehehe. thanks for the info :*

Hihihi... aku juga suka banget sepatu nya ^^

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