Oct 6, 2012

3rd Months! Hooray!!

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Gak berasa... another month has passed and we mark our third months in this blogging world today! :D

Honestly, I feel so excited about it. Apart from school related things, I've never been doing one particular thing this consistent and this long. Hahaha. So does my sister, I think. It shows how big our passions are to this stuff :)

Not only the passions which keep us going, but as well as our new friends in IBB who have been really supportive and showing so many enthusiast to our blog. That's a bless to us ^^

Unlike usual, I'm not gonna announce our 'Syukuran Blog' today. Why? Are we tired of giving away tiny prizes to our precious friends?

No, it's not like that. We love you still and we still wanna share something with you, although it's not too grand or pricey like any other giveaways. Honestly, the prizes are taken from the leftover unused stuff we've got at home. We tend to overdo our selves when it comes to shopping and we've got so many unused great stuffs that we like and would like to share them with you all.

The reason why we're postponing our 'Syukuran Blog' this month is because we're also gonna mark the 100th day of our blog this month ^^ It's Kakak's idea actually. Ever since she goes to Korea often, she got influenced by many Korean traditions. Marking the 100th day, as she told me, is very important. Couple would celebrate the 100th days of their relationship, parents do celebrate 100th days of their newborn as well.

As in Indonesia, 100th days celebration only applies when commemorating someone's death :p

Our 100th day celebration will fall on the 14th day of this month. So, we're gonna do our 'Syukuran Blog' on that day. Stay with us a little longer. Hehehe.

The prizes are just casual, but they are something we love to use daily or something we're really keen on these days. Not yet major high end brands as we still haven't got the chance to go overseas to do our shopping spree and get the stuffs we badly wanna share with you in our 'Syukuran Blog'. At the present times, please bear with us who can only afford to give you the things we get from our closets ;)

So... until the the 14th? ;)


waa congrats xD semoga makin eksis ya blognya doccii n kakak :D ditunggu loh syukurannya,,hehe


Alright! Only a few days awaaaay :D *it's also on the same day of my payday. Hopefully*

Wuiiih udah 3 bulan ya. I'm getting there! Nov 6th to be exact. Wahahaha how I remember the date the blog was born I don't even know. I admit I can be much more geekier than Macchi at certain things *sighsigh*

Congrats on ur 3rd months blogging, hope u can always keep it up :)
I'll look forward for ur 'syukuran' :)

PS: actually I still miss ur korean template :)

Xiao Vee ~ Thank you so much girl ;)

Marsha ~ ah Marsha bikin malu aja :p Thank you anyway *hug*

Rommachiato ~ hahahaha. So, are we gonna eat big or something on your payday? Count us in! :-D Thank you, ladies ;)

Penulis amatir ~ I know... but this template is much faster to load and navigate right? We'll try to figure this thing out somehow ^^ Thank you for staying with us ^^

congraaaaatttssss *peyuk satu-satu*

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