Jul 7, 2013

Hello Again ^^

Owwwh my dear God... it's been waaaaay too long since me and my sister abandoned this blog! Been a lil too busy with things and voila... we left the world we love the most.

How are things running? How are our friends? We miss you all!!

We are happy to announce that we'll be back in this blogging thingy, try to get some life balance through this medium. Although so, it's a heartbreaking thing to share that maybe DocCii wouldn't contribute much since she's doing her noble works as a resident doctor in a place quite far away. So, it's me... Vee, who will write a little more. Hope you don't mind :-)

So, please wait for more updates. There'd be more adjustment, and hopefully it'd still be enjoyable! 

Ciao for now


"comeback" juga akhirnya, ditunggu postingan-postinganya :-D

hello kakak vee :) akhirnya setelah sekian lama ^_~

@nietta... hehehe. sekarang baru agak sedikit bisa bernapas lega, walaupun masih ribeeets :-)

@Winda... haaai. Akupun kangeeen. Hihihi. Dede' mu udah sebesar apaaa??

HI welcomee back ^^ sibuk ngapain nih? Hihihi

ditunggu review2nya :D


Erna... Sibuk mencari nafkaaaaah :-D

Udah jalan 9 bulan Vee ^_~ udah ga mau diem hahahaaa

Gyaaa... udah gede aja ^^ Pasti lagi lucu bangeeet. Jadi iri. Hihihi

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